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Sugar-energy Refineries

Sugar-energy Refineries shows that the Plants should not be seen only as sugar, alcohol and energy producing units!

  • MTA (English)

    Todo mês
    MTA Industrial Sugar-Energy Management
    Válido por 24 meses
    • Highly Qualified Teachers
    • Recorded classes for you to watch whenever you want
    • Modular and customized grid
    • 360 total hours
    • 24 months duration
    • Monthly payment

Sobre o Curso


The Sugar-energy Refineries course shows a new vision about the production units that should be seen as not just sugar, alcohol and energy plants!

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The course aims to show the potential of products and co-products of a production unit, thus ensuring a differentiated view of the potential of the sugar-energy sector.


Professionals who carry out or intend to carry out activities related to the sugar-energy sector


Online with recorded classes


Bio Energy Academy Team