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BIOENERGY CERTIFICATION PROGRAM (BCP) is a professional certification program that grants credentials to professionals who have specific knowledge and skills in bioenergy.

A professional certification is a credential awarded by a recognized organization that attests that an individual has specific knowledge and skills in an area of expertise. Certifications are an important tool for professionals who want to stand out in their careers, increase their credibility and prove their competence in an increasingly competitive job market.

One of the main advantages of obtaining a certification is professional appreciation, as it demonstrates that the professional is committed to his career and keeps up to date with trends and best practices. By obtaining a certification, the professional demonstrates that he invested time and effort to acquire specific knowledge and skills.

In addition, a certification can be useful for setting standards and ensuring quality in a given industry. Organizations that issue certifications have strict standards that mustm be attended to by professionals. This helps ensure that they have the minimum set of skills and knowledge needed to work in a given field.

The BCP is based on rigorous standards and is designed to ensure that certified professionals have the skills and knowledge needed to meet the demands of today's job market. With this certification, professionals demonstrate that they invested time and effort to acquire specific knowledge and skills, in addition to standing out in their careers and increasing their credibility in an increasingly competitive job market.


BCP Fundamentals

Initial certification that grants the professional the seal of initial knowledge on a given subject. To earn this certification, the professional must attend and successfully complete one of the available modules:

  • BCP Fundamentals: Sugar-energetic Biorefineries

  • BCP Fundamentals: Sugarcane Raw Material

  • BCP Fundamentals: Varietal Management of Sugarcane

  • BCP Fundamentals: Production and Management of Organic Cane

  • BCP Fundamentals: Feeding, Preparation and Extraction

  • BCP Fundamentals: Laboratory Processes

  • BCP Fundamentals: Sugar Production

  • BCP Fundamentals: Ethanol Production

  • BCP Fundamentals: Bioelectricity Production

  • BCP Fundamentals: Biogas Production

  • BCP Fundamentals: Green Hydrogen Production

  • BCP Fundamentals: Input Management

  • BCP Fundamentals: Good Manufacturing Practices

  • BCP Fundamentals: Quality Management

  • BCP Fundamentals: Asset Management

  • BCP Fundamentals: Automation and Industry 4.0

  • BCP Fundamentals: Energy Balance

  • BCP Fundamentals: Water Balance

  • BCP Fundamentals: Mass Balance

  • BCP Fundamentals: Occupational Safety

  • BCP Fundamentals: People Management

  • BCP Fundamentals: Market Management

  • BCP Fundamentals: Sustainability

  • BCP Fundamentals: Project Management and Innovation

BCP Specialist

Certification for professionals who obtain advanced knowledge on a specific subject. To obtain this certification, the professional must take a specialization course in a certain area:

  • BCP Specialist: Raw Material

  • BCP Specialist: Laboratories

  • BCP Specialist: Sugar Production

  • BCP Specialist: Ethanol Production

  • BCP Specialist: Bioelectricity Production

  • BCP Specialist: Green Hydrogen Production

  • BCP Specialist: Industrial Microbiology

  • BCP Specialist: Industrial Maintenance

  • BCP Specialist: Mass Balance

  • BCP Specialist: Sustainability

  • BCP Specialist: Project Management



Certification for professionals who obtain comprehensive knowledge, allowing the understanding of interconnections and dependencies between processes. To obtain this certification, the professional must obtain the certifications BCP Fundamentals of all industrial processes

What is the purpose of the BCP?

The main objective of the program is to establish a standard of professional competence for the sugar-energy sector, allowing professionals to demonstrate their knowledge and companies to identify and hire qualified professionals.

How will BCP work?

The program consists of specialized professional training courses and a series of exams that will assess the skills and knowledge of professionals in the sugar-energy sector. Candidates who successfully complete the certification exam will receive a certificate of recognition that proves their competency in the industry. This recognition can open doors to new career opportunities and salary improvements.


How is the security of BCP certificates guaranteed?

The certificates will be registered in a blockchain/NFT network to guarantee their authenticity and veracity. Companies will be able to check the validity of the certificates and whether the professionals really have the knowledge provided.

What are the benefits of becoming BCP certified?

Professionals certified by the program will be able to demonstrate their skills and knowledge to their current and future employers, increasing their chances of career advancement and job opportunities. In addition, companies will be able to identify and hire trained professionals and increase the quality of their processes and products.

Who can participate and what are the requirements to become certified by the BCP?

Anyone interested can participate, even those who do not work or have experience in the sector. Professionals interested in obtaining certification must meet certain requirements, such as attending one of our specialized courses and passing the certification exam.

How will BCP impact the sugar-energy sector?

The program is expected to help raise the standard of professional competence in the sugar-energy sector, increasing the quality and efficiency of processes and products and, consequently, the competitiveness of companies in the market. In addition, the program may attract more talent to the sector, increasing the number of trained professionals and improving the industry's image.

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