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Analytical services

Development of technologies to increase efficiency and quality for products in the sugar-energy chain and derivatives of sugarcane, among other matrices. Analytical, technological, physical-chemical and microbiological determinations in:

  • Sugar: Aconitic Acid, Inverted Sugar, Starch, Arsenic, Calcium, Others

  • Ethanol: Total Acidity, Aspect, Chloride, Color, Copper, Electrical Conductivity, Iron, Specific Mass, Others

  • Sugarcane: Brix, POL, Purity, Fiber, Coefficient C, AR and ART, Others

  • Bagasse and Vegetable Materials: Carbon, Fixed Carbon, Ash, Sulfur, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Others

  • Miscellaneous Alcohols: Butanol - C4, Pentanol - C5, Others

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biotechnology services

Monitoring of sugar and energy production processes and others, where physical, chemical and biotechnological unit operations are inserted, aiming at better yields and greater recoveries.

  • Quality Control and Monitoring in Fermentation

  • Contaminant Identification and Control

  • Biosafety Consulting

  • Bromatological Analysis in Food and Nutritional Table

  • Shelf Life and Sensory Analysis

  • Composting and Wastewater Consulting

  • Food Safety Consulting

  • Environmental Management at Events.

Engineering services

Development of projects and solutions involving electrical and hydraulic engineering:

  • Energy Efficiency Projects

  • Automation Projects

  • Electrical Installations Projects

  • CAD Modeling / Projects

  • 3D Prototyping Solutions

  • Lighting Projects

  • Hydraulic and Pneumatic Projects

  • Air Conditioning Projects

  • Thermodynamic Projects

  • Machinery and Equipment Projects

  • Optimization of Industrial Processes

  • Maintenance Plan for Industrial Machinery and Equipment

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